Monday, January 16, 2006

Hair! Part 2.

Dear Marc, know what I saw today on the subway? An old man, with bushy eyebrows. In fact, his brows were so bushy, they were like trees to regular bushes. The hairs were so long, they did not only reach beyond the frames of the man's glasses. No, they travelled further than that, those curious, adventurous little eye brow hairs. They wanted to go north by northwest, reaching for the top of the man's head, which was unfortunately covered by a hat.

The effect was striking. It looked like the man had bushy, grey, bangs.

At what point do old people let themselves go? Or do you think he keeps them like so, on purpose? At what point in life do eyebrow hairs suddenly grow to three times the length of what they have ever been before?

Do you have bushy eyebrows? Would you like to? So many questions, so little time .

I wish I had had the courage to snap a pic of the man. I chickened out since the eyebrows told their own story about the man's integrity.

I'm the tweezer happy love child of Groucho Marx and Frida Kahlo.
I pluck. All the time. I was once told, in 5th grade and at my most vulnerable stage, that my bushy eyebrows were my most distinguishing feature. Perhaps this is why I care so much about other people's eyebrows. I obsess. I admit to having looked down my baby's crib, thinking "wouldn't that kid look better with plucked brows?". I have never gone that far. But I have thought the thought. So kill me.

Speaking of hair, Vanja and I got ours cut today. She now looks like kids that make me think "why did that kid's parents do that to the poor child?". She looks like she's wearing a small wig, pulled too far back at the neck. Her bangs are ridiculously short.

The hairdresser was so nice I almost liked the cut at first. But now that I'm home, I can't wait for her hair to grow out again. Which I know it will, since I always cut her bangs too short by mistake myself.

My own new hair looks good enough to me. A thought I looked so different he started laughing when he saw me. He saw me through his fingers. I'm a positive person and am trying to figure out exactly how this was a compliment. I'm not quite there yet.

Attaching a picture of the only member of our household who is not waiting for his hair to grow longer. He just couldn't care less.


Kayfer Kettle said...

'The Only One in Your Household' is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

I hope he stays bald forever, for he is divine!

I've enjoyed reading through your blog, and am so intrigued as to who your Marc Jacobs is (or is not).

Anonymous said...

Ive had to grow my fringe over my eyebrows because I obsess too much. I completely understand. Glad you accepted the Sienna comment.

joy said...

your youngest baby is so cute--love how he's so content! love this post. i always wonder the same thing about those old men with the bushy eyebrows and ear hair...

Jagosaurus said...

My boss has dramatic eyebrows. The difference is that my boss trains his to stand straight up and keeps them neatly balanced so that the longish bits are are symmetrically placed about two-thirds of the distance to the outer edge. He says the brows are how he contacts the mothership.

If I don't keep mine trimmed, I might also be able to contact the mothership.

みっちゃん said...

Great post! It was a great way to end my stressful day. Now I feel like I'm back to the real, happy world.

Anonymous said...

dear emi, maybe i have a tip how comes that old people jet their hair and browbushs grow up...did u read that when we ger older ours ears and nouse grows? i was checking my grandma and grandpa and i found that information was real...thats why they try cover that with hair... its not that fashion, but if yours ears get a Dumbo style, its such a solution, dont u think so?

your baby is each day more cutier and so are u!!!

u have too much complex!!!u are a very pretty woman and u are always complaining about being short, eyebrows, hair, biribi bororó...honey, u are skinny u dont have a modern and general problem:overwheigt!!!! thats such a bless!!!

i m paying my sins in a forever longterm diet to lose my maternity wheight!! and here everibody looks good! if u go do downtown now every girl looks like a model, tall and skinny!! everibody asks me to take care of my image, even i takink tons of green tea, quitosan, and eating more salad than a rabbit!!

from verw warm brasil


Anonymous said...

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