Friday, January 06, 2006

P & P

Dear Marc, yesterday I went to see Pride & Prejudice. Have spent all day today reading reviews. Seems everyone has something to say on the matter. All I have to say is that it is a very bold team that dare make a new version of the story.

It's not an easy territory. Every girl, woman, lady or lass and a guy or two has their own firm belief of how the classic should be portrayed.

Would any guy dare do a remake of The Godfather? Scarface? How come guys don't stand in line to see the 5th rendering of "On the road".

I don't know.

But I loved it. I'll take any P&P. I'll take B&P too, and all India-bound Austen-lovers know what I mean. I'm not picky.

The tender moments that so offend some orthodox Janeites moved me to tears.

That moment has it's only current equal in another of last year's hit movies.

Must go to bed.
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