Sunday, January 01, 2006

Last day of the year

Dear Marc, how did you spend the last day of 2005? We played in the backyard. I let the children do the pulling. They have to learn the value of hard work. They want fame. Well fame costs. And right here is where they start paying. In sweat.

Joel found a friendly man with vegetable features. This time, it was not my dad.
We played until we got hungry. Then went inside and had some lunch. Vanja was careful not to let anything go unnoticed on her plate.

After lunch, we got dressed in white coats with fur lining. Yes, I am wearing that coat.

(am also wearing trendy baby fashion accessory inspired by angelina jolie)

then we went to the new year's party. have not checked with other guests if they want to be included in mail to you. so use your imagination and this secret pic to get the feeling. The soundtrack reminded us that we were the young Americans.

Am sure I'm not hurting the table's feelings. It was so pretty

Later, things were less pretty, but still interesting.

By then , young and old had already kicked off their golden shoes. I think you may recognize some of them.

There was dancing and romancing and later, cold weather prancing.
We couldn't get a cab so we bundled Vanja up like a civil war vet and pulled her home on a plastic toboggan.

It's cold, but we're off to India in a month. Have you been there? Any travel suggestions? We'll be on a budget. Happy new year

remember my name.


Lonnie Bruner said...

These pictures make me want to have children.

-e said...

for dinner?