Thursday, January 26, 2006

I heart the Tudor Banana

Dear Marc, don't you just love the internet?
How else would we get to read about the first banana in England?
And how else would we find out that back in the 1500's, people were not always in it for an entire banana. Nothing changes. Sometimes, you just feel like a bite, no more, no less.

Read the whole story. Then tell me about your favourite historic fruit. Or should I make it herb? Technically, the banana is an herb, no? People always correct me on my bananiana.



Amy said...

Hmmmm...I bought bananas the other day, and it took me two days to eat an entire one. Don't think I'm an anorexic waif or anything, it's just that an entire banana is a big commitment. It takes time to work through one, perhaps it's better to share.

Jagosaurus said...

It is both a fruit and an herb. The banana plant is technically an herb and the banana itself is a fruit.

varanen said...

Isn't the banan a mammal...