Thursday, February 02, 2006

Relax, don't do it!

Dear Marc, are you the competitive type? You probably are, or you wouldn't be in the place you're in.

I always said I wasn't competitive. That I didn't have it in me. Winning or losing - it doesn't matter to me - really it doesn't. But lately, laying on the bench at my massage therapist's place, I've come in close contact with my competitive spirit.

As the therapist kneads me and rolls me around with her strong, Finnish hands, I hear a small voice in my head. It's a nervous, wired voice, belonging to a small, intensive man.

In fact, my inner competitive spirit looks and sounds just like Martin Short.

Martin says "Am I relaxing in the right way?" before he changes his tune to "damn, I'm good at relaxing". Then finally, he gets a little manic and shoots off a string of thoughts: "I wonder if other people relax better than I do? Do they relax in a different way? Am I not really the most relaxed person she's put her hands on? !"

So this is my question for the day:
Would you like to meet up some time for a relaxation face-off?
Winner takes all. I'll be limp as a jellyfish, you won't stand a chance.
Cause I'm a super natural at relaxing. Martin tells me so.



Lonnie Bruner said...

They have Finnish people in Sweden? Who knew!

Elin said...

I just got off reading all your letters. And the only thing i can come up with right now is that i simply loves it.
I also wanted to say something about how much i admire you, but i don't wanna make that creepy, stalker impression, so... I just have to write something contentless like "keep up the good work", while writing on the real love declaration.
Have a peachy day / Elin