Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cats go out at night

Dear Marc, did you ever consider emptying your apartment, renovating a house and going to India at the same time?

If you do, chances are you will want to take a time out with your friends. You will want to dress up and get drunk. Who knows, perhaps you will be so eager to se your friends and go all out that you will put on those shiny, tight black pants you would never have bought yourself. But then you couldn’t resist them when a friend gave them to you.

You’ll comb your hair and let rhinestone hairpins sparkle against the surface of your tresses, smooth and dark like molasses. You’ll say “tonight’s the night!” and put on that leopard jacket. Then you’ll add a small amount of “Ce soir ou jamais” to your slender figure before you stick your pretty feet in those high heeled ankle boots that look so good. And then you’ll hit the street to meet up with your friends and you’ll be so happy.

And if you’re a girl, people might look on you in this outfit as if you’re a working girl of the kind that works hard for the money. So hard for the money. But that’s current fashion so you don’t care, you just hurry to meet up with your friends but funny thing is that when you get to the restaurant, late, they’re not there.

And you call them up, one after the other, but they don’t answer. So you leave angry messages on their voice mails instead. And then you return home on the subway, sad and upset, until you realize that you wanted to go out so bad, you went out one day too early.

That’s what happened to me the other day. All dressed up and no place to go. So I went home and did the only reasonable thing: I organized the “might come in handy”-drawers. Have never looked so great cleaning before. The cleaning was so dull, I needed all the cheering up I could get.

Must go to bed, leaving for India tomorrow. Have you ever been there? Tell me the must sees!



Paul said...

I hear they have cool animals there. Try and check them babies out!

Moz said...

Taj Mahal is a REAL must-see. It is really, really something you HAVE to go see. You REALLY have to go. If you are going to Delhi, and have time to kill with a 2-year old, I would also recommend the Delhi Zoo ;)

Karin said...

det häftigaste med att resa överhuvudtaget är utsikten från flygplansfönstret. man känner vilken liten sparv man är.

David said...

Such a lurid description. Mr Jacobs must be very good at playing hard to get!

Rob D. said...

I'm not sure what the teeny-tiny tea cup in the drawer is for?

bee said...

India is by far my most favourite asian destination. Varanasi is a maze - a labyrinth of tiny streets. sit by the Ganges & watch the cremations [surprisingly beautiful in spite of the chared legs that poke out of the pyre]; take a AM boat ride & watch the locals do morning puja; take a ride out to Sarnath - the place where Buddha gave his first sermon after achieving enlightenment... Dharmsala - a mountain repreive; home of the Dalai Lama & Tibetan refugee settlement; tibetan people are gorgeous. anywhere is great. granted it's chaotic & at times the magnitude of people swarming is slightly disconcerting. but on the whole its a visual assault - truely amazing. enjoy, i'm v.envious.