Sunday, February 19, 2006

Baby cakes

Dear Marc, here are some greetings from India, where the air is rich with the aromas of cardamom, jasmine, cinnamon, curry and cloves. And poop.

We left two weeks ago, and I love it. Anders loves it too, and Vanja likes it now that we've left Mumbai behind. She went around like a walking insult, holding her nose to keep the scents out. I was embarrassed and feeling protective of her at the same time, a very confusing mix of emotions.

Joel has had the most trouble adjusting to the tropical paradise. He loves the cold.

In India, he prefers to eat sand.

In the afternoons, he likes to exercise for an hour or two by mom wrestling.

When it gets too hot, we think about the land we left behind. We travel from extreme cold to extreme heat. From extreme wool to extreme silk, we wear only natural fibers.

Must go, will write more soon.
Extreme love


Anonymous said...

Ett livstecken! Familjen klimatzon, ni ar sa fina. Klart man vill halla for nasan nar det stinker.

A. A.

Mary Lewys said...

Dear e,

I'm sure Marc was getting worried - it's been a while since you've written him. But I'm sure he's relieved to know you're only in India, feeding sand to children.

Not that I know Marc. I'm just saying.


Eebs said...

So glad to see that you've checked in! Have a great time in India!!!

Anonymous said...