Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sharing a household with superior beings

Dear Marc, aren’t you surprised, when at this age you learn new things about yourself? Isn’t it wonderful that after all these years, there is still undiscovered territory within?
I’ve come to know myself better. Not because of showering in the holy wells here in India. Not because I now do yoga everyday. No, the revelry of the inner me has come to the outer me by way of sound.

”Greeaaahehahh!”. That’s the sound of my primal self. Want to know how your primal self sounds? It’s easy! It’s free! Just let a 4 inch roach run over your bare foot as you go to the bathroom.

I tried to refocus and use all my positive thinking to cope with my unreasonable disgust.
”It’s a superior life form. It hasn’t changed since before the dinosaurs.” I said to myself. ”Pay respect to this other shape of universal life” I continued. It worked somewhat.

But ”Greeaaahehahh!” worked much better. One shrill shriek, intense shiver and then it was over. The roach, in turn, disappeared into I don’t know where, which was a discomforting thought as I lay down to sleep on the floor.

In retrospect, the thing that disturbed me the most was the roach’s nonchalant breech of our mutual agreement never to meet. Like two old grumpy men forced to share an apartment, I thought we would just allow the other one to exist, without really having to face each other.

I would let the roach have his space, because after all, he was there first, both on the planet and in our shared bathroom. But since I both knock and turn on the light to give him time to disappear, I think it would be reasonable for him to do so. Roaches usually have some respect for people, since we often kill them in the most undignified way. Would you like to be smashed to death by a shoe?

My camera just broke down, otherwise I’d let you see a similar roach we just found next to the sink. They are superior beings. We’re just around to drop pieces of cookies for them. They don’t know how to make cookies. But they like them.

Love from India, where everything thrives. -e


Chankslee said...

Did Georgie Bush show up in India because you were there emi? Tell us more about some locals

Linda said...

there's nice article about Marc in the March issue of Jane.

Jagosaurus said...

Oh my God I hate roaches. Snakes, for instance, are fine but roaches? No.

ayato said...

Hi from Tokyo, I am writing today to beg a favor of you. Pleeeease don't show any roachy pictures! I greatly enjoy and admire everything you write, but I'll never be able to get up the courage to open this page again if one day a roach should appear on my screen. So I beg you with all my heart, NO ROACHES, PLEASE.

m(_ _)m

-e said...

That's so interesting you write about George Bush when I write about roaches! Of course he came because of me! Now he's off to visit some other blogger in Pakistan. And don't worry Ayato, no roach pictures.

kevin said...