Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The LP effect

Dear Marc, how does it feel when people mimic your designs? How does it feel to have the power to make something that immediately affects other people and the business upswing of say, ballerina slippers?

I’m wondering this as we travel in the company of our Lonely Planet guidebook. I wonder about how much a mentioning in the guide is worth in dollars. 2 years after a first mentioning, a simple cafe can be the most successful restaurant in town. Little fishing villages turn into sprawling resorts.

The other day I was browsing some leaflets on local sightseeing spots. One region was marketing itself with the proud headline ”The land of decent beaches”, due to a Lonely Planet remark about the decent beaches of the area. What’s the next tagline we’ll see traveling? ”A nation of average scuba”? ”A country of mediocre cuisine”?

I’m thinking this might be comforting to think about for you too. Doesn’t it takes some stress off your shoulders? Why aim to be the best, to create the most fantastic collection, when you can walk around selling ”A collection of decent clothes”.

In closing, just sharing some more Indian pics with you.

Love from


Every girl should have a yellow srawberry dress.

Every girl should have a white and gold shirt and pants set in linen.

And every girl should be so lucky to have the kind of dad Vanja does.


ain said...

awwwww vanja's so lucky, agreed! >_<

~C said...

I want her linen suit!

denise said...

she is a perfect princess doll!!i want a baby girl just like her, probably it will not be a blond one because im brunette and my husband either...

with love