Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Who are you?

Dear Marc, I don't know if you're reading this. I don't know if you've read any of the now more than 150 letters I've written you. It's ok. You may read and comment one day, but no rush.

I've got other people going through your mail. I just wonder who they are. Who are you people and why are you reading this Swedish blog about nothing?

Curious greetings


Anonymous said...

i made my way over here via boing boing from the first letter....
i'm not sure why, but i find it so wonderful :)
Maybe it's because i can pretend i have some wonderful Swedish friend that has this great fashion sense and goes to wonderful exotic places like India....
Much more exotic than Pennsylvania, USA.............


Vinny said...

Obsessed with other writing moms who look at the world in an off-kilter way, I once wrote an extremely odd dissertation on medieval cartography/gynecology and worked for a major American TV network. I now write about luxury real estate and foreign currency exchange schools for a living whilst trying to outsmart (unsuccessfully) a three-year-old boy obsessed with the moral relativity of Alameda Slim, Jaffar and Kai from the Sword in the Stone, and who is known to the entire neighborhood as "that Smoochie." I wear a tiara at my desk and track stories about people who are kind to badgers. I've lived in LA, Paris, Frankfurt and Toronto and am now holed up in Calgary, which seems really far away from anything fabulous. The woodsy suburbs of Stockholm seem EXTREMELY EXOTIC to someone "living" on the bald Canadian prairie.


PS: I also read my husband's email, so it's not just Marc Jacobs I'm snooping on.
PPS: Thank you for making me laugh almost every day.

-- j said...

i visit because you're just like me, another girl who writes letters to a boy who has yet to reply to any of her endless queries. actually i just recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying it immensely.

Anja said...

Oh dear, sorry, Marc.

I am not so far away (reading from Copenhagen), but I think I came here from Boing Boing too. I once bought a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes on sale but they were incredibly painful and still pretty expensive so I ended up taking them back... it's a sad story. Also, I like your writing.

Eebs said...

Should I stop reading, Emi?

-e said...

Of course not! I love you people. I just know an undisclosed number of people are reading and I'm curious to find out who you are. Did I sound hostile?
Did not mean to at all!


Marc Jacobs said...

Dear Emi,

I've been reading your letters to me since the very beginning. I've just been waiting for you to send me a REAL letter -- you know, paper, pen, envelope. You see, I'm a very old-fashioned kind of fellow at heart, and I still haven't gotten quite into that e-letter nonsense.

Anyway, perhaps when you get to 1,000 letters I'll replace that Sofia Coppola picture on my wall with yours. Just make sure it includes that dangling cigarette in your mouth like that picture you posted several months ago. ;-)


Marc Jacobs

-e said...

It could be you and it could not be. How would I know? There's no way. But ok, I'll just write 850 more and we'll see when MTV cribs goes to your house and zooms that poster wall.

Jagosaurus said...

I came here because of Boing Boing and have returned on an almost daily basis because your writing is so charming and interesting.

Claudia said...

I am Brazilian and I don´t speak English very well, but I always read your blog. I think you are so intelligent, funny and very good informed. You make me so happy when you write... I love your blog.


Anonymous said...

Dear E. Greetings from Austin, Texas.

Ludde (of the wonderful Concretes) cites your blog as one of his "Favorite Things" and now you are one of my favorite things, too. (Tack Ludde!)

Soon, I will visit your part of the world for the first time to pick up our new Volvo (Tack Volvo and Swedish Dept. of Tourism!). While in the Stockholm area, I am hoping to spot a man with food on his face...any man would do, but if it is your father then I will certainly say hello.

You're absolutely lovely. Thanks for sharing your mail.

Best, C. Hodge

Anonymous said...

Another Boing-Boing reader. I like the fact that I didn't know who Marc Jacobs was before I got here, but it really doesn't matter. Now I can say that just about anything "kind of reminds me of Marc Jacobs", and people will think that I am more cultured than I really am. I'm a big fraud.

I am in Honolulu, and reading this blog helps to remind me why I don't have one of my own. I'm not good at writing. Other people are much better...so why not read their blogs?

Marc Jacobs said...

Dearest Emi,

To prove that this is really me, I've gone ahead and hung a picture of you in my New York studio.

But I'm keeping Sofia's photo in my office. Deal?


Marc Jacobs

schultkl said...

I enjoy your sense of humor, fun, fashion sense, and playfulness. I read your blog because of you. Thank you.

Citrus Heights, California

Roscoe said...

Having never been east of Oslo, I receive vicarious chills whenever I read your "letters." And you make me smile.

Thank you

Ayato said...

Greetings from Tokyo! I don't know anything about clothes and all (I wear my favorite pair of socks with about a dozen holes in them) but I find your letters to Marc very groovy. Marc is such a lucky guy to have someone writing beautiful things to him everyday. I envy Marc so much I almost hate him! How can I make a girl to write letters to ME everyday? Do I have to make boots and bags too? I can make boots too, you know, if I wanted to...

kre- said...

I came here from Boing Boing too and found your blog to be an interesting read to my otherwise, hectic life.

I love your fashion sense and your charming self-deprecating mannerisms.


-e said...

Dear Marc Facobs,

you almost had me. but www.marcjacobsrules.com?
You're hilarious though, and thanks for the effort. Having fake Marc Jacobs around must be the true meter of the brand's success. I salute you.

And to all you others, it's so great to find out who you are! Or at least who you say you are!

Perhaps this whole site is a hoax. I might not be myself? How exciting.
Big love

chris said...

Another boingboing referral. (In fact, probably the main reason I keep reading boingboing is in case I might miss anything else this good)
I'm English, live in the South of France, am quite old, not interested in fashion.
I love the way you tread such a clever, delicate, line between seriousness and humour.

Nora said...

Boing Boing seems to be a popular place for your readers to come from - add me to the list.
I don't read a lot of blogs because most of them go stale after a few months and then I feel like I've wasted my time reading some other person's rantings but your blog is always refreshing and new with every entry. That's why your letters are part of my morning ritual of cereal and tea :) So please keep them coming! Greetings from sunny and warm Barcelona,

Anonymous said...


Jag vet inte var jag hittade din blogg någonstans, men i en period ville jag bara läsa bloggar skrivna på engelska, jag hittade din och är kvar fortfarande. Jag gillar ditt sätt att skriva :) Ha en underbar dag!


denise said...

hi dear emi,

im denise, a brazilian lawyer so busy with governamental job, but i have this holy time everiday to read your blog, and this is the only one blog that i read!! i found u in a link in a very famous brazilian fashion site called www. chic.com.br so i got addict to your letters. im a mom of a 2 yeah and half boy and love him sooooo much and apreciate every thing he does or says, thats why i admire u sooo much, because u are soo like me, with all this family daily quotes.im mu hearth and ming u are my friend, because i know u so much (guess that is the real you.
love from florianopolis, a island in the brazilian extreme south.


Marc Facobs said...

Dearest Emi,

Damn, I'd almost fooled a clever Swedish woman. Just to think ... I could have kept up the ruse for a long time to come. I could have commented on all your posts, and we could've both been secret admirers of one another. But all for naught ...

I've got a deal for you. If you start a new blog --- letterstomarcfacobs.blogspot.com --- full of letters to ME, not that other schlump, Mr. Jacobs, I promise to Photoshop you into a different picture of Mr. Jacobs for each letter I receive.



Marc Facobs

lani said...

I'm also here from Boing boing! It's comforting to know that even halfway across the globe (I'm from Calgary, Alberta), we worry about all the same things.

Lola is Beauty said...

I can't remember how I first got to your blog - I know the title caught my eye on someone elses blogroll. Anything MJ related is woth a look. Lucky it's not just the title that's good - i just like the way you write. And that it's about such a mix of things. I also nearly had a heart attack at first when I saw Marc Facobs comment. Wouldn't that be amazing if MJ was reading the whole time? I'm sure one day a mystery bag or pair of shoes will arrive on your doorstep. I'm in London by the way...C

Linda said...

My best friend steered me to your blog. She's a boing boing fan. I'm a Marc Jacobs fan. I love the pictures and you make me laugh. The Vanilla Ice post was a gut buster. Thanks for the interesting reading and please continue!

Anonymous said...

Dear E,
I live in Stockholm but come from the US and sometimes feel homesick. I also have bags under my eyes and an S-shape, and came to visit you from BoingBoing and found it somehow soothing. If I were writing to a designer I would write to Geoffrey Beene, Claire McCardell, or Christian Dior but I doubt any of them would be at all interested in what I had to say.
Most probably because they're dead, but even so.
Keep writing - you cheer me up when my to-do list is impossibly long and the Swedes impossibly Swedish-like!

-e said...

OK Marc Facobs, here it is.

the hoovcat said...

Hilarious response to Mr. Facobs, e, love it.

As for me, I posted a couple of weeks ago that I don't remember how I came across your one sided correspondence with Mr. Jacobs, but it's your insight into life, wonderfully seasoned with humor and real sentiment about your family and friends, that draws me to read whatever you have to say.

And there are many, many native English speakers and writers who don't have a tenth of your ability to express themselves in our language.

You are interesting, funny, insightful, and you've got style. What's not to like?

Marie said...

Hello from Belgium!
I've read your blog since the first post when you have been boing-boinged.
I love the way you write, you have a very witty way of describing everyday's life, and I can really identify with you being a mum myself.
Thank you very much!!!


meguchan said...

I have no idea what it means to be boing boinged or if it is a verb, noun, fish or mineral but I found this blog through another lovely blog I read called style bubble. Please don't ask me where I found that one as I have no earthly idea. Basically I am a social researcher who does lots of "heavy" emotionally draining work all day and I love to read something that makes me smile. I am a fashion lover and an amateur fashionista and identify with the feeling of the outer and inner me mismatch-If only people could see how truely fashionable I am. Inside I am chic but my fiance is a vintage wholesaler so for me it's (free) vintage dresses and shoes pre, during and sadly post boho trend.
In a nutshell-you are a bit odd. And so am I. And you're funny. Write on sister!

red storm said...

You're the captain of entertaining and the world champion of swedish fashion! I come to you via fake marc jacobs, aka marc facobs, who is my blogging buddy. I might even link to you I like you that much. And god knows my blog is world famous!

John said...

hello from Yorkshire, England, I'm a writer and an artist, since you ask, and I've been reading this since you started it [via boingboing] I love the idea, and your writing is fresh and inspiring.

nat said...

hi from tampa, florida!

i too found you through boingboing. i'm not such a fashion fan, but it interests me from a distance. i love the little snippets of swedish life i get from reading your blog. my great-grandmother's parents brought her and her sisters to the states from sweden about 75 years ago, a world ago. as i raised by two of my gr-grandmother's older sisters, i've always been fascinated by, even slightly obsessed with sweden. my best friend returns from a semester at Uppsala U in about a week, and i finally found somewhere to begin swedish language classes this fall. i've havent visited sweden myself yet, but one day, one of these days. it may have to wait a few years, until i get through grad school. until then, i try to experience bits of the country and culture vicariously.

of course, i also love your writing style. your sense of humour brings life even to topics in which i would not normally be interested, and keeps me an enrapt reader.

Jessica said...

Jag tycker du och din blogg är fantastisk! Du skriver smart, intressant och igenkännande. Ha det så fint.

ain said...

i love you e! will keep on reading you :)

greetings fr malaysia

Martin said...

Det här är en av få bloggar som jag tycker är verkligen sympatisk. Du skriver fint och varje gång du uppdaterar känns det som att få smygläsa någons fina brev till en avlägsen brevvän.

Anonymous said...

Jag fann din blogg via l'amour a trois som jag är helt kär i. Läser oftast när jag är på mitt extra- jobb som är så tråkigt... Dina brev piggar upp och inspirerar.

Det är fint


Anonymous said...

can you please please please post the address to marc jacobs
its for some school assignment