Friday, June 16, 2006

Is there a looks requirement?

Dear Marc, is there a certain standard of looks for your staff? I've never seen such a beautiful bunch of people.

Do you hire them like that or do they kind of rub off on each other?
More than just stylish and cute, they look like they're fun too.

Oh, how suck-uppish is this post. but it's all true. I want to buy everything they're wearing. Cause the only common denominator between all those pretty individuals seems to be their tie to the MJ brand. I'm such an easy target.

From rags to riches, from hags to bitches, you got this end consumer nicely wrapped up. All I want for Christmas, for my birthday, instead of a paycheck is this: polka dots, cardigans and perfect shoes.

It's that foxy librarian look I'm after. Perhaps if I worked for you, it'd rub off on me too.
Somehow, I can't link to the EVENTS section of So you just have to find out for yourself. But you probably already know what they all look like.


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susanna said...

I spent the afternoon walking through NYC today and found myself standing in front of a Marc Jacob's store. Of course I thought of you, Miss E! Place was packed with Marc Jacob fans and the front window featured mannequins wearing t-shirts emblazoned with "Give 'em hell, Al!" Al Gore's new global warming documentary must have been the inspiration for that idea. There were matching "give 'em hell, Al!" purses, too. Just thought you might want to know...