Saturday, June 10, 2006

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Dear Marc, this blog has taken a whole new direction. And it's forced me into the role and clothes of a female detective.

Here's a recap:

There I was, writing you, and then YOU suddenly wrote back. Now, if I was my mom, I would have had a heart attack. But I don't trust anyone or anything on the internet.
Anyone can say they're you. It's a Keyser Sözian turn of events that I surely had not expected.

I called Marc Facobs' bluff. But I still don't know who it is. If this was one of my favorite novels, Daddy Long Legs, then Marc Facobs would turn out to be my own husband. But he's too busy watching the world cup to be spending time fooling me.

All I know about Marc Facobs is:

* S/He knows details about your life, like you have a Peyton portrait of Sofia Coppola in your office. But this fact and others like it are common knowledge to any contemporary magazine reader.

* S/He is a good photoshopper.

* S/He uses the word "Cheers!". Isn't that a cheesy, Australian habit? Is that you, Nicole?

The suspense is driving me up the wall. The most satisfying solution would be that the real Marc Jacobs is the fake Marc Jacobs. But I doubt the real MJ would take the time to add my head to pictures of himself when he should be designing sneakers, bags and dress up like a Heinz bottle.

Anyone with a clue to the true identity of the impostor, help me out. But don't reveal too much, since I love the game. All I need now are small, handy facts, like shoe size, drink preference and religious affiliation. Not necessarily in that order.

Then, eventually, I will kindly say to the real fake Marc Jacobs: LHIOB!

Yours, and the other Marc's, very own


chris said...

Haven't a clue, but 'cheers' is very British, if that helps

Eebs said...

The only thing I can say to help you is that it isn't me. *shrug*

Of course, that's probably what Marc Facobs would say.

Nicolette said...

I adore Daddy Long Legs! I think you prompted me to read it again!

Marc Facobs said...

Ah Emi,

Your curiosity is enough to kill a herd of cats, isn't it? Hard to herd AND hard to kill.

I'll give you your first clue about me:

I'm a blogger.

Bug Ups,

Marc Facobs

PS: Here are some other lesser-known facts that I've accumulated about the real Marc Jacobs:

- At Marc Jacob's Spring 2006 New York Fashion Week show, the Penn State marching band opened the show with a throbbing rendition of Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', allowing the audience to enjoy a moment of high-school nostalgia.

- In 1997, Jacobs became the creative director of Louis Vuitton, and created the company's first "Ready to wear" line of clothing.

- Jacobs is currently dating Jason Preston, a 25 year-old former male escort.

-e said...

marc facobs,thankyou for the blogger clue.

Anonymous said...

Men Emi,

Bland de andra 35 mailen som svarade på vilka de var och var de hade hört om dig fanns det ju en snubbe som skrev att han hade en blog ihop med MF och om man klickade på den snubbens namn kom man till en blog. Sen orkade jag inte mer detektivarbete men du kanske? Eller så har du redan kollat det spåret. Eller så förstörde jag det roliga nu.

/Hilhairy Swept

-e said...

Jo det är klart jag kollade det spåret! Och det var därför jag tänkte att det kanske är Lonnie - Talkin shit about a pretty sun set. Och den som sa det var en tjej.

Marc Facobs said...

Raring Emi,

Det er på tid till deras andra ledtråd : JAG er inte Svensk.

Utom JAG veta hur till skriva den (dåligt).


Marc Facobs