Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It seems I kind of grow on you

Dear Marc, did you really get fat? I read in an interview that you thought you'd gotten a little chubby. But to me, you look the same as always. A nice man of medium height and normal build.

I understand the abundance of slim models around you might make you feel bigger than you would have if you lived like the people you went to kindergarten with. 10-1 they're all bigger sized than you now.

I'm not fat or skinny. I'm average, but I have something strange. I leave a fattening impression.

I meet people I haven't seen in a month or two, and they go "Emi, have you lost some weight"? And I haven't. I've looked the same and have worn the same size (and unfortunately the very same clothes) for the past 7 years.

My theory is: I meet the people and we look at each other and then for some reason, unknown to mankind, my impression starts to rise like dough in their minds the moment we part.

Why? How should I dress to avoid this? Or should I embrace it? Perhaps this is my one unique feature. How pathetic. Some people would surely be happy to receive those "did you lose weight" comments, but the situation only makes me embarrassed.

-e, the same as before. Always.


Anonymous said...

hah, that happens to me too. Never thought of it quite that way though ... I think I will try to forget that!


marie said...

I know exactly how you feel! It happened to me quite a few times. I leave a fat souvenir in people's mind!... How annoying for someone who has never been more than 55kg...

denise said...

emi, do u know what i think? say that u lost weight is a complement in general, in our society we have this skinny model,so that make people think thar saying u have loose weight would u make u happy...why dont say u look yonger? i loved your hair style? u look amazing in this outift? i guess that people like u at all, they try being nice with u and say something to cheer u up, they arent criative so they say that u are loosing weight...its my point of view.

kisses from brazil

hoovcat said...

I bet you also throw a big smile on people you haven't seen in a month or two, and that makes you seem slimmer and more attractive.

I love the spring and fall outfits the best. Who is that model? She looks slimmer than the winter and fall one....

susanna said...

Hee hee, once again you had me chuckling. I actually envisioned you - the bio you from your blog - rising like dough, the hair curlers popping off your head.

susanna said...

Oh almost forgot to ask you...have you heard of Sunday Scribblings?
I'm not sure if you'd be interested in writing MORE but girl, you'd be a hit there!

velocity girl said...

Just rediscovered your blog and whoa you've come a long way.

I think I fell in love with you again.