Sunday, June 25, 2006

Better kitchen linens, bro?

Dear Marc, you're probably not interested in vintage tablecloths. Hell, I didn't know I was. But then I stumbled over Vintage Tablecloths Lovers Club and there's no turning back. Now must go to bed, am exhausted after watching the insane Nürnberg game, where Portugal and Holland beat each other and left the viewers beaten, gasping for air.

Must dream about vintage tablecloths instead.

Ps. You may not follow the world cup either.


megu-chan said...

I think this is an interpretation of my fiance and myself at dinner time. really. She looks like me too. But it's vintage so it can't be me since I only started cooking last month and will soon be stopping at the request of my fiance.
I just saw a book of matchbook art from around the world-there are some cool prints in there. You should check it out.

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