Thursday, June 01, 2006

Legs of a goddess!

Dear Marc, do you ever dream of being someone else? In that case, who would you be?
I dream of being an American woman in possession of perfect legs. I would enter the Cinderellesque competition by Gillette and I would be the winner of VIP tickets to see Mariah Carey.

I'm the possessor of a pair of somewhat old Swedish pins that bruise easily. But imagine having winning legs. Legs that are pampered and insured for $ 1 billion.

Or imagine being that voice. I know you're partial to Lil' Kim, but can you resist Mariah singing with Dirt McGirt/ODB? Such a Fantasy come true. Can you stand still while she belts out "All I want for Christmas?" I list that one as one of the best recordings ever made. It's up there with laughing Elvis, Billie Holiday and "Thanks for the Memory" with Mildred Bailey, lyrics by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger.

Thanks for the memory
Of candlelight and wine, castles on the Rhine
The Parthenon and moments on the Hudson River Line
How lovely it was!

Thanks for the memory
Of rainy afternoons, swingy Harlem tunes
And motor trips and burning lips and burning toast and prunes
How lovely it was!

Many's the time that we feasted
And many's the time that we fasted
Oh, well, it was swell while it lasted
We did have fun and no harm done

And thanks for the memory
Of sunburns at the shore, nights in Singapore
You might have been a headache but you never were a bore
So thank you so much.

Thanks for the memory
Of sentimental verse, nothing in my purse
And chuckles when the preacher said "For better or for worse"
How lovely it was

Thanks for the memory
Of lingerie with lace, Pilsner by the case
And how I jumped the day you trumped my one-and-only ace
How lovely it was!

We said goodbye with a highball
Then I got as high as a steeple
But we were intelligent people
No tears, no fuss, Hooray! For us

So, thanks for the memory
And strictly entre-nous, darling how are you?
And how are all the little dreams that never did come true?
Aw'flly glad I met you, cheerio, and toodle-oo
And thank you so much

The little dreams that never did come true. For me, it's the legs.What's it for you?

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roscoe said...

Mildred Bailey! Her voice twists my soul. I'd given up hope that anyone else in the neighborhood knew about her.