Tuesday, June 20, 2006

OK, so here it is

Dear Marc, you may skip this one. It's directed towards potential employees at Lovegun.
This is what you'll get to wear. For summer, we implore that you wear a light but proper attire. For winter, dress comfortably in black, soft jersey.

Think of yourself as a modern day Hildy from His girl Friday. Keep a pen behind your ear, a dictionary in your hand and by all means, a packed lunch in your briefcase. Be ready for anything. Please take better care of your hair than the person pictured above.

Shoes should be kept neat and tidy. They may, however, be exchanged for clogs. At any time.
Cause we like people to know when a Lovegun representative is arriving to save the day.

Clonk, clonk, clonk, the sound of effective help should be your personal jingle.

Tomorrow, the spring and fall uniform.



Lonnie Bruner said...

Wow. This is excellent. Just ... excellent.


Marc Fa ... er, Lonnie Bruner

Eebs said...


denise said...

is that u? im amazed!

ian c rogers said...

Where are the rest of the quints?

-e said...

dear Ian, look at "Ok, so here it is, 2".That will direct you to two more quints. And I am the 5th.

~C said...

Well arent you devine? You certainly fit into that photo of Marc's followers below. Actually their clothes look more like thrift store chic to me and not at all like Marc. Anyway, I cant decide if this Lovegun is fictional or not (Ive been away and havent been able to keep up as usual) but if its not...let me quit my job at Dior and come work for you.