Monday, June 12, 2006

Random love letter to the Finnish people

Dear Finns, let's not talk about Marc Jacobs today. He's obviously not around. Let's talk about you instead. I see some of you are here. I salute you. I love you. In my heart, there's a table for two. Two (small) Finnish people.

I admire your beauty, your sense of style, your excess and love for tango and smoked fish.
I envy your proximity to Russia and the fact that the current line of Ivana Helsinki was created by one of your own. Your language doesn't make any sense, it sounds like Korean, spelled with a million syllables.

I need one of your log cabins. I need your salty seas, legendary beer and great cheese.

Can I be one of you?

-e, ready to let go of my current citizenship


susanna said...

What a nice love letter to a nation! I thought, perhaps, that it was the Finnish Day of Independence but according to the CIA World Factbook (yes, it is online), today is just another normal day in Finland. But isn't it so much better to receive a love letter for no reason? Just because?

CIA's not-so-secret notes on Findland: population just over 5 million, more people use cell phones than land phones, everyone saunas (OK, CIA do not state that)and their summer cabins are gosh darn cute (CIA is mum about that,too).

j from finland said...

dear e, i think we love you to!

here´s some more pretty finns (at least some of them) if you haven´t seen already:

varanen said...

Nicely done. I'm a fan of Suomi as well, and am actually in Espoo as I keyboard this...not so sure about the excessiveness of your love-bombing though e.

Althought, it is pretty darn pretty over here.

Blancaflor said...

Jag tror att finnarna pa bilden kan vara scouter...

Anonymous said...

But what about Ecuador? It's cool, too... :)

eurobrat said...

"Your language doesn't make any sense, it sounds like Korean, spelled with a million syllables"


xoxo from a half Finnish femme.