Saturday, June 24, 2006

Merry Midsummer's to you

Dear Marc, I'm happy for you. I had a dream that you were back with Preston, and indeed you are! Congratulations. You look amazing. Congratulations again. Love (and proximity to handsome porn stars) becomes you.

Meanwhile, in Swedenland, we celebrated Midsummer's eve. A day when we dance around a giant pole cross, with a crossing pole penetrating two delicate rings of flowers. It's a pagan fertility rite, and there's nothing subtle about it.

Let me tell you the day in pictures. The kids spent their days in trees.
I found a new, yet old, baby sitter for Joel.

We ate traditional Swedish party food. Potatoes, pickled herring, hard boiled eggs, crisp bread. It makes you wonder what the traditionalists ate for their everyday meals. It's tasty but harsh. On an average day, what did they eat? Cardboard?

I served pie.

It was much appreciated. Plate licking good.

For dinner, the grill was out, because the food was supposed to be smokin'.

Apparently, this also went down well.

I thought I had more pics. But this was it.

Love, and once again, congratulations.


denise said...

great photos.tks for sharing your culture with us. joel looks happy as always does, wheres vanja?

kisses from brazil


-e said...

She's also in a tree!

susanna said...

Hah! You have such a great wit! Joel looks satisfied with your new choice of babysitter.

Denise said...

tks emi... your princess looks amazing in that floral outfit! isnt amazing that people around the world love your kids? i wish with all my hearth that this people only have good and healthy feelings about them as i do. i have worked as prosecutor in family and children cases, theres sick people out there. May have god take care of u and your wonderfull family.

Dr Denise

Anonymous said...