Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ok, so here it is 2.

Dear Marc, I think this outfit speaks for itself. As it says in the magazines "It takes you from day to evening in a fashionable way". It also takes you through the seasons. I rarely get out of this multifunctional getup.

A few days ago I committed a different sin. I bought Milk. A magazine dedicated to children's fashion. The horror. But I've found few better looking magazines lately.

Still. A magazine dedicated to children's fashion.
I'm guilty as charged.

I did, however, put the US Weekly with Janet back on the shelf, making sure I was not one of the many people who made that issue their bestselling issue ever.

It was easy though. In Sweden, US Weekly rings up at a hefty $11.42. I'm interested in how Janet did it, but not $11.42 interested. Especially not when Perez puts it up for free.

Loving spoonfuls


bea said...

Nämen vilken snygg tröja!!!!

-e said...

jag har den på mig nu också!