Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What was I thinking, part 3

Dear Marc, here's the first in a series of questionable buys. I have bought scents because of pretty ads more than once. Not even those with scent strips. Just scents. Like Allure. Those ads were so great. So "I'm every woman". I almost even bought that horrible Sicily scent cause Ms Bellucci looked so great in the ads. Once I thought I was a Gucci Rush kind of girl. I was not. It smelled like mildew on me.

For a few days, I put mildew scent on me, just cause it was too expensive to throw away.
It was not worth it. I'm thrifty, but I'm not an idiot. At least not a chronic one.

The bottle above was yet another mistake. I love the packaging, but will never use the scent. It's called "tea", but in reality it smells like flat, lukewarm rootbeer. Not he kind of stuff you'd dream of rubbing all over a newly showered body. Unless you wanted to repeat the shower experience right away.

Perhaps this series of mistake buys should really be called "people I admire".

People I admire:
The art directors of Philosophy realizing my idiot potential.

What purchase makes you question your sanity?



Jagosaurus said...

I bought Tea along with Lemon and Sweet Sugar in a set. Lemon and Sweet Sugar are absolutely fantastic. Tea is sitting mostly unusued because, yes, it smells like mildew on me too. Perhaps it smells like mildew on us all.

Eebs said...

I am the *exact* same way... I was soooo close to buying Elizabeth Arden's "Evocative Woman," simply because of my infatuation with Catherine Zeta-Jones and how cool their "make men melt" campaign was.

So close.
Then I smelled it.

Lillet Langtry said...

I bought Fracas when I first moved to New York because I so so loved the bottle (and still do!) but most white flower fragrances turn to cat piss on me.

Oh, but the worst was my "expensive skincare" phase, where I bought La Mer, Remede's Sweep, all this Kiehl's. Ai yi yi. Then yeras layter I bought Paula Begoun's "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me". She is a chemist who loves makeup, and writes a total ingredient breakdown of what is REALLY in all that stuff. Remede Sweep? Yeah, the magazine said Kate Moss used it and it contained pulverized marble, but really it's BAKING SODA AND WATER. Which is now what I use to exfoliate, but not for 45 bucks a tube!!! This book will change your life and break many a hold on you!!

-e said...

I need the "don't log in to your eBay account without me" handbook. write it, lillet!

Mar said...

I just cam across your blog from across the globe, and I do believe I'm in love.

I almost bought Lovely, because SJP is quite Lovely, but then... I smelled it at the store and thanked my nose for thinking ahead.

I'll stick with Stella, my absolute favorite. Beautiful bottle, beautiful scent.