Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dressing in the difficult years.

Dear Marc, in the words of Britney spears I would like to tell you that:

I'm not a girl,
Not yet a woman.
All I need is time,
A moment that is mine,
While I'm in between.

I thought that at this age (which I'm not disclosing, I'm younger than you but older than Brit) I would surely have reached a more womanly state of mind. But I have not.

When will this pass?
Do you know?
You must have heard this lament from thousands of women? Your latest Marc Jacobs line was so day dreamy, but too mature for the ingenue in me. I'm more drawn to the Marc by Marc Jacobs line, but unfortunately my interior ingenue is not reflected by my exterior, the body and face that the rest of the world sees. I'm like Dorian Grey's portrait, reversed, the way age usually works.

I'm looking for ways to make peace with this ageing, that came out of the nowhere called time. Especially for this weird phase between girl and real woman.

I think this is what I'd like to be wearing in the moment that is mine, the in between time.

Look, she's not wearing heels and it looks OK. What a relief for sore feet. All I need now is much longer, sleeker hair, and a more inuit-ish face.

This third look I'm throwing in for fun. If it looks like this on a super slender teen model, imagine what it will look like on women who can actually afford Givenchy.


jenny said...

sigh. i hear you sister.

Anonymous said...

Im on my way to 39 and I can assure it is not getting any easier it is actually getting-WORSE. Yet I realize that in 10 years from now I would do anything to be 39 again....

ET said...

Jenny beat me to it...

I am right there with you e

new look women's clothing said...

I am also having hard time making peace with my ageing. You may feel it more on phase between girl and a woman. But no stopping time :(
Anyway. great pictures, and great style.