Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bags bags bags

Dear Marc, people assume I am obsessed I'm with you because of the more than 350 letters I've written so far, but I ask you and the readers of the world, who's more of a nut, a blogger or any of the thousands of women who pay large large large amounts to be walking ads for the marc's label?

Ok, so I may still bring home the nut trophy. Perhaps I should venture over to the other side and get a bag instead. Problem is that I'm one of those people who have problems hanging on to the material world. I get lost in thought and lose things as I go, leaving a trail of jackets, wallets, books, and (one time only, promise) stroller behind.

I'm a woman of woman born. Naturally, I too, would like to have a nice handbag. But I couldn't buy a nice one, since I'm so certain to lose it.

You may wonder how such a distracted person dare to have children. Here's the great thing about kids: They know your name and recognize your face. So if you could only make a bag that cries out "Emi, don't leave me" when I accidentally forget it on the subway, I would seriously consider buying one.

I, and other potential customers would appreciate the multi-voice settings such a bag could have. You could have your own mellow MJ-voice built in and let customers choose between add-ons such as "the arnold". "the ellen" and the "Barry White".

I think this could be really big in Japan.

Love from the department of unsolicited product development.


the lipstick lady said...

you'll have people thinking that you've left a small person inside your bag

Anonymous said...

MJ is marvelous! I love Prada handbags, but MJ is just fabulous, even Prada stays in shadow!

Anonymous said...

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