Thursday, March 08, 2007

When you want to feel cute or happy

Dear Marc when you want to feel

Cute listen to Nightingale with lisa ekdahl
Happy listen to last night with the strokes
In love listen to Tripping out with curtis mayfield

now tell me your best happy tunes.
I'm collecting songs for my upcoming walking tours of joy.
I want tracks that will make me explode from joy of living joie de vivre lebenslust

cute greetings


Eebs said...

Do you want reader input? I'll assume so.

I'm trying to think of happy ones. Hmm. How about... KT Tunstall? Do you like her? Try "Suddenly I See" and "Black Horse and The Cherry Tree."

Scatman John, "Scatman." That'll get you hyped.

Freeze Pop, "I Am Not Your Gameboy," or "Plastic Stars"?

I'm trying to give you weird suggestions-- I'm sure other people will take care of "regular" music.

-e said...

I LIVE FOR READER FEEDBACK. Don't you know that?

Eebs said...

Haha, I do now. I wish I could be of more help, but I have an atrocious taste in music. :( What kind of stuff do you listen to, regularly? Probably GOOD stuff... :-/

Will said...

CSS are a riot..cute and happy

the new NAS song "can't forget about you."

arcade fire is always uplifting


band of horses

peter, bjorn and john...

H said...

A sample of songs on my All-Smiles Music List:

"Doot Doot Plot" by the Hidden Cameras. "From Blown Speakers" by the New Pornographers. "You're So Damn Hot" by OK Go. "Sleeping Lessons" and "Australia" by the Shins. "Light and Day/Reach for the Sun" and "Section 12 (Hold Me Now)" by Polyphonic Spree. "New York City" by They Might Be Giants.

Polyphonic Spree is happy music in general. So are Peter, Bjorn, and John.

jenny said...

mid city team by the bats
i am still in love with you by the rev. al green
return to hot chicken by yo la tengo
anything on 69 love songs by magnetic fields, but in particular washington, d.c. and the luckiest guy on the lower east side. also when my boy walks down the street

LML said...

snaps for happy music!
here are some suggestions:
girl - beck
postcards from italy - beruit
sundress - ben kweller
la la la - the bird and the bee
1st day of my life - bright eyes
80's fan - camera obscura
grey days - the concretes
mushabloom - feist
you are what you love - jenny lewis with the watson twins
quiet town - josh rouse
not going anywhere - keren ann
smile - lily allen
song beneath the song - maria taylor
grace kelly - mika
star witness - neko case
black sheep - nellie mckay
dancing with myself - nouvelle vague
PETER BJORN AND JOHN(like everyone else said)
leaving on a jet plane - peter, paul and mary
tricycle - psapp
catwheels - reindeer section
pictures - sia

think i like music? just a little

ariana said...

Three Little Birds- Bob Marley, This River is Wild-the Killers, Starlight-Muse

I must agree with Will on M.I.A. and Peter, Bjorn and John (specifically the song Young Folks), but Arcade Fire doesn't cheer me up much.

Vinny said...

Songs to Take Emi's Mind Off Her Feet

I Can See Clearly Now: Jimmy Cliff
Save it For Later: English Beat
Spring Released: Grant-Lee Phillips
Son of a PReacher Man: Dusty Springfield
No Heaven: Champion
Hard Act to Follow: Split Enz
Last Train to Clarksville: Monkees
Wild Wild Life: Talking Heads
Little Less Conversation: King Junior
Paradise (Wherever you Are): Finn Brothers
Oleander: Sarah Harmer
Rhinoceros Tap: Sandra Boynton (for when the kids scoff your iPod!)

Love to think of you kicking through London with a big grin on your face, even if your shoes aren't everything you ever dreamed about.

Jane said...

Here's my (partial) happy list:

-Put Your Records On, Corinne Bailey Rae
-Mahna Mahna, Cake
-When You're Faling, AfroCelt Sound System w/Peter Gabriel
-Coulibaly, Amadou & Mariam (just about anything by them energizes me)
-Squeeze Box, The Who
-Got to Give It Up, Marvin Gaye
-Linus and Lucy, Vince Guaraldi Trio
-Late in the Evening, Paul Simon
-Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin), Sly & The Family Stone
-Island in the Sun, Weezer

hanna said...

For instant happiness, listen to anything with All Girl Summer Fun Band.

breezy said...

"i'd rather dance with you" by the kings of conveniece is a wonderful, happy song, as is "another sunny day" by belle and sebastian.

Christina said...

Oh, how I love your posts!

Here are my off-the-top-of-my-head selections:

Happy: "clap your hands!" by clap your hands say yeah
Cute: "folding chair" by regina spektor
Love: "que reste-t-il de nos amours" by charles trenet

Anonymous said...

share it w/ us...

Queen of Preen said...

good stuff!

Elaine said...

oh just get yourself a copy of basement jaxx the singles - ass wiggling stridey goodness and you gotta have some goldfrapp and maybe that fat boy slim remix of groove armada - I see you baby, shaking that thing, shaking that thing ... ahem

prince edward said...

matt & kim "yea yeah"
björk "triumph of a heart"

Stakio said...

I understand how individual the "cute or happy" feeling is, so I realize this list may anger and confuse some people. On the other hand, if the song clicks with the listener it can be instant access to cloud 9.

"Sweet and Dandy" - The Maytals (The Harder They Come soundtrack)

"Train to Skaville"- The Ethiopians

"Trash" - The New York Dolls

"Wear Your Love like Heaven" - Donovan

(in fact the first 3 songs from the album "A Gift from a Flower to a Garden")

"Taper Jean Girl" - Kings of Leon

"Panda" - Dungen (I have no idea what they are saying, but I like it that way.)

And for the truly weird and wonderful:

"Do You Think I'm Sexy" - (covered) by Tiny Tim (1920s Vaudeville style)

The video should be ignored, but the song is adorable to me.

Oh and of course anything (more or less) by Belle and Sebastian. The album 'Push Barman to Open Old Wounds' is a good mix! The first song "Dog and Wheels" is snappy.

In the sisterhood that is Marc Jacobs worship, I salute thee!

stringbeanjean said...

ooh - ok i'll make a cup of tea for this...

right, down to business:

if you want something gorgeous and happy and wonderfully eccentric to listen to with yr kids, i strongly suggest a various artists compilation called fuzzy felt folk.
it's delish. and i don't even have kids!

* talking heads - found a job
* euros childs - bore da (LP)
* anything by the four brothers
* field music - you're so pretty
* gwen stefani - bubble pop electric
* kinks - village green preservation society (LP)
* rufus wainwright - oh what a world!
* prince - oh sheila
* the smiths - london
* 5,6,7,8's - woo hoo
* belle and sebastian - lazy line painter jane
* crosby, stills, nash and young - our house/marrakesh express
* bowie - soul love
* general public - tenderness
* os mutantes - baby 1971
* jane weidlin - rush hour
* george michael - faith
* human league - fascination
(i feel i am slipping into teenage 80's mode now..oh well..)
* i'm from barcelona - we're from barcelona (so cute - limited lifespan)
* johnny cash and june carter - darling companion
* johnathan richman and the modern lovers - hey there little insect
* judee sill - jesus was a crossmaker
* kelis - milkshake
* kelly-marie - feels like i'm in love (there's nothing kitschier!)
* lemonheads - outdoor type

um..this could go on for some time..i might just email you a few.
heck emi, if you email me an addy - i'll make you a cd!!

susanna said...

Oh, I like the song, Suddenly I See. Thanks to eebs for mentioning the singer's name. I've been listening and dancing 'round my room to Devotchka on Several of their songs are on the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack.
Oh! And Express Yourself by...looking it up...Charles Wright and the's on itunes. Our four year old niece wildly expresses herself while listening to that song.