Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Minute by minute

Dear Marc, in an attempt to make up for the long dry spell when I didn't post a single entry, but instead went to Bath and met up with loved friends (see top pic)I am posting you on the fly.

Like right now, I'm at Heathrow, on my way to Sweden for a brief visit to the IKEA HQ in the deep of Småland.

I'm drinking wine, cause I don't like to fly.
I hope I make it through customs with all these liquids inside.
It's so warm here, I had to strip down to a very flimsy Paul & Joe top. So now I will be perceived as a drunk menopausal woman on her way to the homeland.

Not the way I intended my comeback.


ps. Heatrow or Heathrow? At this stage, the facts are hard to remember.

ps.2. those babies are twins. World, are you ready for the magic of Ted & Ruben? The cutest.


Anonymous said...

From Rachel.

eurobrat said...

I love Bath. Wanted to move into the Costume Museum there when I was a kid.

Safe trip :)

Will said...

why are all you mommies and kiddies so lovely? is it something in the water?

Anonymous said...


Miss Zoe said...

Super cute kids!!

Anonymous said...

cute friends and babies!!!


Brenna said...

I have twins named Gus and Reuben...they are 6 years old now!
I have enjoyed reading your blog. Just discovered it today!

Anonymous said...