Monday, March 12, 2007

Everyday magic

How do Waitrose make them stop? Is it magic or magneticism?



jenny said...

apparently you have magnetism. i have heard, via a very long grapevine that you were the hit of the party!

-e said...

Oh Jenny, I wasn't.
Emily was, she was glowing, looking out of this world fabulous in this gown and shiny shoes.
See dress

jenny said...

emily always looks glowy--that's the thing about her. glowy and nice. i hope vanja and marnie and holly and thea can be friends! and word about the english and their obsession with organic. i'm just glad you met her and matthew and had a nice time out!

Paul said...

To answer your question, it is magnetism. There is a small chip in the shopping cart. If the cart leaves the building, a sensor in the ground triggers the chip, which blocks the wheels of the cart.
Sorry for breaking the magic.

susanna said...

Oh dear. Maybe the trolleys have electric trolley collars. If they try to roll to the neighbor's parking lot, they get zapped. Poor trolleys.

MsIllusion said...

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