Friday, March 16, 2007

A great little piece of news

Our national church has finally come to their senses and now tells the world same sex couples are now also welcome to get married under a the roof of a Swedish state church just like any other couple united by love, passion or habit.



Vinny said...

Hurray! It's nice to hear good news from around the world for a change. Let's everyone make it be all about the love today.

Love (of course) from snowy Canada

Anonymous said...

Bravo! I'm jealous of your highly evolved sensibilities. If only my own country would begin to show the same maturity.

Hopeful American

F.Y said...

your blog cracks me up! hahah always luv to read your posts. your daughter is adorable by the way.and luv the raspberry toasts!

ph-base said...

well in the end it is all about getting attention isn't it? or why don't you just call him and say hello,...

but that would be a step to easy and to litle to draw attention, cos he probably wouldn't answer if your not on his phone list or he would hang up after a sec.

so the stratey is to draw the attention to your blog and through media resonance get the respond of a men, like any men!?

how poor and geniouse in the same time is that it's all and nothing and a lot of writing,

at the end as critical as one can be as funky is the idea,

keep on rockin the keyboard!


eurobrat said...

YAY! Now my mother can get married in Sweden too.

daddylikeyblog said...

Oh I'm so proud of Sweden!
Hopeful American II