Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I may buy this

Dear Marc, having read an appalling doom& gloom article on the potential environmental disasters our children and grand children may have to face unless the world changes its ways, I lay awake questioning myself.

The worst scenario left little to be happy for. The words ”only fungi survive” etched themselves into my mind and I tried to come up with ways I could alter my own contribution to the speedy decay of the planet.

I thought of the buy-nothing-day. It seemed so futile. A buy-nothing-month, or perhaps buy-nothing-year would make more sense. I’ve had my clothes and perfume swapping parties, but here in London I know few people who’d trade their clothes for mine.

Therefore I have decided to cut down on spending instead. Below are the few key items I may buy for the next decade to come.

I may buy:

One pair of sun glasses inexpensive enough not to cause mourning when (not if) I lose them

Two pairs of jeans, since that’s all I really wear and my favourite pair is stuck at the drycleaners after I lost the mending receipt

Tops, since the many machine washes of my few 3 tops is surely harmful to both the environment and my relationship to sound sensitive neighbours

Socks, cause A will soon notice that I’m constantly wearing his (much too big ones, with the heels making unattractive little pouches right above the back of my sneakers)

I may absolutely not buy, at any cost, whatever the circumstances:

Any more fun vintage party dresses in happy colours

Any more LBD’s

Any more nice shoes or boots, since with my feet they’re only a waste of time, money and cobbler talent

Nice sunglasses like everyone in Holland Park wear, (but if I’m lucky and look properly I should be able to find a dropped pair on the ground)

Should not spend money on:

Revolutionary Cinderella-effect haircut, since I should really have learned by now that they do not exist, especially not when offered by magazine in horrible make over seen by every acquaintance, ex and job contact in the country.

May perhaps spend money on:
Environmentally immoral trip to Sweden for haircut and foot assessment by trusted professionals like Hasse.

If failing to follow these rules, remember:


Tell me your lists.




Eebs said...

I may buy:

Outfits (not just items-- coordinated OUTFITS) that can actually pass as professional wear. I've been spoiled by working in advertising.

I may absolutely not buy, at any cost, whatever the circumstances:

More items of clothing in bright patterns that don't match with anything else I own, or will ever own, ever ever.

Should not spend money on:

Hair accessories when I invariably wear it up or down, period, blah.

May perhaps spend money on:

More shirts from they have Ten Buck Tee sales every couple of months, so it's kind of hard to resist.

If failing to follow these rules, remember:

Emi is a source of fashion strengh.

My Marrakech said...

Oh no, no vintage dresses in happy colors? Please, please don't say that. That might be the saddest line I have read all day.

Anonymous said...

you should buy cole haan nike technology shoes - super cute shoes with sneaker type bottoms. noone should be without cute shoes

platinum blonde said...

i sure do hope i find some lovely shades lying on the ground!

alyssa said...

I think I read that same article and it has been haunting me for days

Anonymous said...

I may absolutely not buy, at any cost, whatever the circumstances:

those pikachu gameboy shoes i said were "too cute" the other day. shaaaame!

Should not spend money on:

More handbags. I already bought a quilted navy stam and miu miu clutch. i must control my impulses.

May perhaps spend money on:

This adorable Juicy Couture Charm small pleasures. thats my excuse!

Elaine said...

Noooooo!!!! Vintage frocks is recycling surely? I will carry on buying vintage and lashing together my own outfits as being a somewhat lardy lady means a lot of clothes outlets for me at least, are of little temptation :) I will buy lots of trees to offset the carbon footprint generated by hairdye and pink lipstick.

Rich said...

You dry clean your jeans?

-e said...

I don't dryclean my jeans, but those pants were so worn that only a professional hade any chance of sewing them together.

a fan who hasn't read in too long said...

emi, jumpsuits; we all know everyone wears only jumpsuits in the future; we saw it in the movies

Anonymous said...

I have only recently vowed to buy more clothes compatible with my job in finance. And today, on my lunchbreak I went to Zara and came out a little later with two gorgeous sixties-style tunics/dresses. I am hopeless.

One thing I promise, though: I shall not buy any more pointy-toe shoes as they make my feet hurt like crazy.