Thursday, February 22, 2007

My feet - my burden

Dear Marc, following a week of hard work and no play, my boss told me to go get myself something nice at Liberty.
First off, I had lunch at the art cafe, in the company of an issue of Australian Gourmet and travel. We shared a plate of perfectly scrambled eggs and silky smooth salmon on toast. Plus the requisite pot of tea. Gourmet told me to finish off the meal with an terrifically tart lemon tart. I obliged.

Full and content with life, I wandered about Liberty. I started with shoes. Sadly, my feet have now spread so much that I can only wear trainers with orthopedic soles. I walked around the shoe department like a diabetic in a candy store, like a recovering alcoholic in a bar. What I want will hurt me. I can't buy shoes. I might have to shell out for surgery instead. I've read up on the surgery I might need. Post-operation recovery requires at least 6 weeks on crutches. I think they mean per foot.

How do people manage?
How will I manage with two kids while I'm on crutches. I'm sure you have nothing to say about this, but perhaps someone reading this has had a similar experience.

All the women on my mothers side of the family share my kind of troubled feet. My aunt swears by her MBT's. I'm curious, but not sure my current feet will fit in them.

To my great sorrow, I could not buy shoes. I went looking for the second item no privileged western woman can live without, the perfect cardigan. I found two and bought both that top one from KIND and a second one from Rützou.

I'm sharing the pictures here, cause this might be the first and last time they are seen without coffee spills, porridge stains and traces of mud. I have a dream, to be the kind of mom that stays elegant through play and meals. But I know I am not her.



Eebs said...

Excellent purchases.

I feel like a waste, though. I have normal feet and just cannot make myself care enough about shoes to fork over entire paychecks for them. Can you help me, E? How can I make full use of the feet that I've never considered a blessing until your blog?

-e said...

Perhaps it's an age thing, perhaps not. Perhaps my longing is the result of exposing myself to one of the finest stores of the world.Stay away from Liberty!

Consider your lack of interest a blessing. You don't envy alcoholics, do you?

Lola is Beauty said...

ooh, love the green top, what a gorgeous green, is that the rutzou one? love rutzou. ahhh, am top addict

Anonymous said...

love your purchases. the hearth one got amazing in you! u are gorgeaus friend!

love denise

ps im happy that eebs came back, i missed her too...

Eebs said...

Haha, Eebs has been here all along!

Anyway, E, you make a good point. Still, I feel like I am missing out on something huge with shoe fetishes (and, let's be honest, fashion in general).

Some people just get it, you know? Like with all things, some people were just born into fashion. I, unfortunately, was not, and my attempts seems schoolgirlish and uninspired.

That's why I need you. :)

My Marrakech said...

Darling girl, I am afraid that I am going to have to advise you to get that surgery. Ever since I have seen those beautiful MJ white boots on your blog, I have been dreaming about them. What's 6 weeks of recovery in return for so many weeks of bliss in the very most perfect shoes?

stringbeanjean said...

you are astoundingly pretty.

nobody will even think of looking at yr orthopaedic shoes.

Anonymous said...