Thursday, February 15, 2007

In the name of health

Dear Marc, you look so healthy these days.
You seem to take good care of yourself.
I try to take care of myself too, and take my vitamins.
I take so many vitamins, that when I read on the labels that you should take them with your meal, it makes me wonder....
Does a fistful of vitamins count as a meal to itself?


Picture from Toothpaste for dinner.


ania said...

I solemnly promise, that as I clicked on my feed for your blog, my cup of tea was raised to swallow down two of six vitamins.

Patrick said...

in university, I was fairly convinced that I could survive off of bar peanuts, beer, and children's multi-vitimins. I did the calculations with a nutrition-science major in my dorm. If I can find them, I will send them to you.

j said...

So –e, is there any particular deficiency you are trying to overcome with these…smarter, sexier, cooler…or do you take a multi (generally more fabulous)?

-e said...

Patrick, I'd love to see those calculations.

and J, I'm trying to get stronger nails and thicker hair.