Thursday, February 08, 2007

Can't get you out of my head, but at least your stuff is out of my house

Dear Marc, I know you're busy but I'm sure you've heard that Kylie has now dumped The Frenchman?

Her friends stand by her and tell the mags that she's promptly FedExed all his stuff to Los Angeles.

"What has gone back includes an antique pair of diamond earrings and a friendship ring he gave her.

"Also couriered were all of his clothes and personal belongings, including two leather jackets by Claude Montana, cashmere jumpers and Hermes shoes, five Dunhill shirts, six pairs of Giorgio Armani jeans, his aftershave, moisturiser, all the books and records and CDs they bought together in flea markets in Paris while Kylie was in recovery and other things like film scripts he left behind."

I don't know about you, Marc, but this makes me suspicious. Would a friend name the stuff like that? Is Kylie making friends with the FedEx people?

When my friends dump their boyfriends and I talk to the press, I say "his junk is where it should be, on it's way to him". Never have I stooped to count the number of Dunhills in the container.

Have I missed something?

Kylie reigns supreme.
We love you Kylie. The only thing I hate is that the Kylie exhibition seems to be fully booked before it's even opened.

Must go.
I'm tracking a container, rumoured to hold friendship rings and Olivier Martinez underwear.



j said...

E tu -e? Do I detect Kylie envy here? Do you secretly wish for an -e exhibition, -e?

Sabrina said...

I heard he dumped her over the phone...nevertheless she looks fab! I hope you're enjoying the shows this week as much as I am.

eurobrat said...

I'd like to find that package too..!

eric said...

i hope her next album is very, very bitchy. that would be a nice side to see of kylie for a while.