Monday, February 12, 2007

The healthy life

Dear Marc, have you noticed just how obsessed Brits are with organic life, or perhaps just with the word ORGANIC?

Everything here boasts of its organic origins. One brand is even called SO organic, like the world is an SNL sketch, which of course it is.

The other day I bought a soup, made by Prince Charles (a king in the kitchen).

The word organic was printed 18 times on the silly little label. 18 times. Perhaps the Brits are modern day Smurfs, who've cleverly omitted the original smurf word and replaced it with organic? I think so.

Organic greetings

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Olivia said...

I'm becoming increasingly mortified by my country, and would like to apologise on behalf of it. We lock our parks, we overuse quasi-meaningless words, our future king works in a kitchen . . Lord, we're the mockery of all Europe. We can't even cope with snow. I sincerely hope, e, that you're at least having a ball in Selfridges.