Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Selfridges vs. Self 3-0

Dear Marc, after a wonderful walk through the parks I went to Selfridges looking for shoes.
I was wearing trainers, a fleece and jeans perfect for happy walking to the tunes of Tina Charles.

But it was a big mistake for a girl strolling the holy brands of Selfridges. Especially teamed with the broken and dirty umbrella buggy/pram carrying my baby - my heavy 17" MacBook Pro.

It was like me and the dresses on display belonged to different planets. I lusted after the wonderful Temperley dresses, but even I could tell that I might not be trusted to put one on.

I saw a lovely, simply perfect Martin Grant dress, but am the kind of girl who has to flip the price tag. I know I might be paranoid to think the sales assistants disapproved, I just kept having the feeling that their other customers don't bother with such mortal details
To retain my dignity, I had to iPod myself some Chopin. I'm going back tomorrow, dressed up.

must work.



Mademoiselle K said...

You should wear bum's clothing but the koh-i-noor on your finger(well maybe an imitation, but a good one), and then tell the sale's girl that "this stuff is too cheap. Do you have anything more expensive?"

j said...

Yes –e, it’s like an evening summer sun…sure to subvert male sadness.

Honeybee said...

I can very well relate to how you felt... I went into a nice jewllery store before Christmas not very carefully dressed and with hair-in-need-of-a-wash scraped into a ponytail and felt immediately very bad about myself. All the sales people were dressed to the nines and I hadn't even washed my hair - high cringe factor.

Sabrina said...

I love Selfridges in London! My favorite thing to do is grab a cup of coffee and wonder through the shop admiring everything like I am in a museum. And you can't buy anything in a museum so you can't feel bad about not being able to afford anything. Or getting stared at.

Don't let those shzop girls intimidate you, you have more fashion in your bones than any of them ;).

jenny said...

i was just explaining this concept to my husband--the need to dress up in order to go shopping for clothes. he thought i was nuts.

Stylefinder said...

I've tried to explain this to quite a few people - the need to dress appropriately for the particular shop or shopping neighborhood I'll be going to, in order to be taken seriously by the sales assistants...

Most people don't get it. But I hate feeling like I'm being looked down on by everyone else in the shop.

*sigh* but really, money is money, nomatter what kind of a handbag it comes out of.

-e said...

Jenny, I suppose next thing, your husband will say he's never cleaned before the cleaners arrived either!


My Marrakech said...

I love this dress and almost featured it on my blog b/c the whole look is so Moroccan. I am thinking Marc needs a little bit of Moroccan inspiration, actually.:-)