Monday, February 05, 2007

My son, what has become of you

Dear Marc, when we decided to relocate to London, I was mostly worried about my daughter's ability to adjust to the country, language and customs. Never did I worry about my wee son, who does not seem to be able to tell the difference between food and sand. He's in that cute, ignorant stage.

But it seems I should perhaps have taken better care of him. The other day, I returned from the swings to find him like this:

Like so many Swedes abroad, he has turned into a tragic case of
caffe latte bumness.

What can a mother do?
He's not even 2 years old.



ET said...

At least it wasn't an espresso!

daddylikeyblog said...

hahahaa that is the cutest picture I've ever seen!

Jane said...


mareGa said...

awww! how cute!

Vinny said...

emi, i understand your despair: my three-year-old was recently photographed licking a mcdonald's hamburger wrapper that he found on the front lawn. oh sure, it was "cute" and all, but one person's "cute" is another person's ALARMING HYGIENE EMERGENCY.

Love from icy Calgary!

(PS: Watch out for the Canada geese in St James park. They are the verray devil.)

Hannes Dükler said...

Ah, Holland Park! Där hängde man som enda pappa med ettårig dotter hösten 1997 i sällskap med polska barnflickor och eventuellt en och annan mamma ständigt i bakgrunden upptagen med vadsomhelstannat.