Monday, February 19, 2007

Warning: Must not see Must love dogs

Dear Marc, are you into romantic comedies? I am. I live for the stuff.
The other day we watched "In her shoes" which was a good example of the genre. Then we saw "Must love dogs", which was horrible.

A described it best: "It had all the drama and excitement of an LL Bean catalogue sprung to life". Diane "I'm so beautiful but now that I'm a little older female viewers might finally identify with me" Lane tried to fight the poor direction, but there was little she could do.
Don't see Must love dogs. Do Lane justice and watch Rumble Fish instead or even that Tuscany-thing which is ok thanks to Sandra Oh.

Happily, we could wash away the bad movie memories watching The age of Innocence, which is surely not a rom com unless you have a strange sense of humor. I hadn't seen it before, but it was fine.

Your friend Winona was so good in it. How did the two of you become friends? I wish she'd write a script and make a movie about it all. That's a movie we'd all love to see, Winona. Make it, we know you can.



jenny said...

i am sad for you that you had to see this movie. much as i love diane lane, nothing in the world could make me see this movie, or find john cusack appealing. i wish i could give you back the two lost hours of your life. i suggest you wash away the stink by watching "pride and prejudice" again immediately. mr. darcy will heal all wounds.

miff said...

i noticed you like marc jacobs!
help me out and you can win some (kinda)

Anonymous said...

Hi e, you have been blogging very early in the morning (3am!) - are yu not getting much sleep in London?

Lisa said...

I can pretty much watch any terrible romantic comedy that has ever been made, so long as the boy and the girl get together. Easy, right? I guess not -- Must Love Dogs was literally unwatchable. I think I threw up.

Are they really, really broke or something (JC and DL)?

Juliann said...

Well I didn't know "Must love dog" but I really enjoy "In her shoes". Too bad, cause I like costume movie. You have to watch "Sense and Sensibility" with Emma Thomson