Saturday, February 10, 2007

Male Sadness caused by Sale Madness

A missed all the great January sales. People travel to this town because of the sales, but he was too busy working to go shopping.

Why not have a March sale instead?
It would benefit the mood of my household.


ps. That's Joel up there. He doesn't care about clothes yet. But he loves shoes. And swans.


j said...

It's true -- mad males cause sad sales.

rachel. said...

i really like your blogs.
too bad i'm going to have to miss them for the next week... aw, i will have to catch up later.

the post is true. too true.

oh, in response to an old blog, i'm getting some expensive new glasses. purple ones. did you get some new ones in the end?

LML said...

I love reading your blogs! They give me a laugh when I come home from a long day. I have a bit of an obsession with Marc Jacobs as well... but can only affort his $150 watches or perfume. My blog is

(don't worry its not spam!) My blog isnt as funny as yours but its pretty to look at!

Emelie said...

Underbar blogg! Länkade den, hoppas att det är ok, annars får du säga till. Ha det bra, hejdå!

Anonymous said...

Vilken söt pojke!


Anonymous said...

cute cute cute!!!