Monday, February 05, 2007

A Marc Jacobs dilemma

Dear Marc, know how a man can sometimes come between two women? How two friends turn into rivals because of a member of the opposite sex? You are that kind of man. I understand some men would take this as some kind of ego booster, but to you; I’m sure this is just weird and perhaps not even welcome news. I know you had no intention to break up my two friends, but it happened, over two years ago and there’s little to be done about it now.

And to think that I was the one to start the split, by returning from the store with my two new pairs of MJ boots at 70% off the original price! I told Anna of the sale and as she needed new footwear she decided to head for the sale. She asked Jess if she wanted to come too, but Jess was too busy working.

Jess: I know there are those most beautiful white smooth high heeled Marc Jacobs boots on sale. I love them!

Anna: Ok, sure you don’t want to go, then?

Jess: Yeah.

So Anna went to the sale and of all the things on sale, she fell in love with a pair of beautiful white smooth high heeled Marc Jacobs boots. There was only one pair left, so you can imagine her joy when they were her size. She went back to the office, where Jess received her with icy coldness upon seeing the contents of Anna’s bag.

Anna offered to sell them. She offered joint custody. But Jess was not impressed. In her view, Anna had broken the rules of friendship simply by buying the boots.

They tried to mend their friendship but it was never again the same. Especially after a moment at a party where a group of 12 women stood in a ring around Anna, praising her incredible footwear. Jess was there to witness the fashion triumph that could have been hers. Hell hath no fury like a stylish woman scorned.

What do you say? Was Jess first remark enough? Should Anna have refrained from buying the boots all together?


And yes, that’s me with the left member of the couple that broke up the friendship.


Carissa said...

A pair of boots like those are worthy of the split of two friends.

rachel. said...

Gorgeous boots!
I love them...
Lots & lots.

Anonymous said...

All is fair in love and mj.

Honeybee said...

If you can't make time for such a cool MJ sale then you're not worthy of the boots. Harsh, I know but...

My Marrakech said...

Listen, I'm furious at Anna, too. Those boots are gorgeous and frankly, they should have been mine. I need them more here in Marrakesh than she does there; here we all suffer without MJ -- his stuff can not be found. So really, this was horribly selfish and self-serving of Anna, given that she could have chosen to undertake a humanitarian mission and send those boots to me...

ET said...

Hard call, Anna shouldn't have betrayed her friend, but then if the shoe (err boot) was on the other foot then I am sure Jess would have done the same thing.

They were there, marked down, in her size what was Anna expected to do.

Once I coveted a friend's suit, and bought it. I made sure she never knew. It required some strategic thinking some days!!

maeir said...

Those boots are beautiful.
The argument that broke up the friendship, if the story is true, is ridiculous. She should just borrow them and take away the lesson that a MJ sale is worth skipping work for.
my lord, talk about sore losers.
On a different note, how much did you LOVE the fall 2007 MJ show!??

odilean said...

e! there was a 90% off sale in the marc jacobs in new york and i got a pair of boots as well. he's a wonderful man, is he not? so kind to the less fortunate. how else can one afford boots that are $1000 ++?
in other news, could you link me on your site, and i will return the favor? i would appreciate it very very much, because your blog is fabulous. i am