Wednesday, February 07, 2007

From your show to my heart

Dear Marc, I just saw the pics from your fall ready-to-wear line.
I want all the clothes. All. Am also impressed by the way someone seems to have taken Reese Witherspoon and stretched her out (above).

Perhaps, if I wore this outfit, I would be met by respect and exude that air of mystery I think lurks somewhere within me.

Ah the fashionable life! I feel that if I wore those clothes, I would magically be transformed into another person and time. perhaps I'd be part of this happy group of females I found in my grandmother's album. They're at the estate, having some fun before the ball.

The thoughts of your clothes give me beautiful daydreams. Thankyou!



j said...

Well, I'm glad you're here writing this blog. It brightens my day...thank you -e.

5%C. said...

You can find a link to you here. I mean it, I really do...


Christina said...

I've been waiting for your post on the fall collection!

Some of his best work yet if you ask me. said...

I am smitten. what a fab blog! I am so happy I found my way here through Maryam from My Marrakech

stringbeanjean said...

hi emi, i emailed you yesterday about the possibility of you participating in an exhibition i am applying to curate.

please could you check yr email and let me know if yr interested.
it is mostly visual art but i love yr letters to marc so much that i would like you to be involved.

i send my application off tomorrow so if you could respond as soon as is humanly possible - well, that would be super!

**thank you**
nicky peacock aka stringbeanjean

kryssipoo said...

I love your blog, when I have time I want to go through it more. GREAT ENTERTAINMENT! I love it, but e are you joking about his newest 07 fall/winter collection. I know this is his chic, I dont care what everyone else is doing I'm going in the COMPLETE other direction and setting the tone for next season just you wait everyone fashion show ( especially his fall/winter) installment but come ON!

I have EU blood in me, thankfully god I dont know what I'd do without it but i don't know about this collection. Great ideas but too early 80's mixed with a 50'sish with a modern twist Parisien woman. Also no central theme except taken in waist and perhaps colours with a grey undertone, hats (oh man) and some kind of sequins. Oh yeah vests was big with him to. I dont know this one Im going to have to get used to I guess.

U had to love the 2 satin minidresses, I would give my left kidney for those.

-e said...

Kryssipoo, I do like the collection. To me it's seems very Ninotchka. It's also reminiscent of the fashion plates I studied when I was 6.

I want it all. Can perhaps afford one of the hats in a few years from now.
But I can dream, can't I.

Anonymous said...

i loved the collection too. its very ladylike, involved in mistery and dejavu