Thursday, November 16, 2006

Five candles

Dear Marc, today was a great day. Vanja turned 5.

She got all she wished for and more:

1 big bowl of breakfast porridge
1 glass of juice
2 Barbies
1 big books about cats
1 Madicken book
1 soft set of PJ's
1 cardigan
1 Russian doll, to be painted by anyone 5 yrs or older

Her politically correct mom had promised to bring organic exotic fruit to pre-school to be hid in the forest as a treasure during an outing. However, the pc mom ran out of time, luck and money and made an apple pie instead. The attempt to convince the pre-school teachers to hide the pie in the forest was highly unsuccessful. The pie seemed to have been treasured no less, not a crumb was left.

Then I threw correctness out the window and opted for indulgence. I picked two cakes from this array and went to pick Vanja up from pre-school.

Meanwhile, she'd been crowned. She's the ruler of my heart and this day, she reigned supreme at pre-school too.

My parents and brother came for dinner. Mom said "Oh no, I'm not wearing make-up. And I'm sure you're going to put me on that world wide web again!". She never wears make up. So I don't know what she was worried about. That world wide web, perhaps.

My brother Björn cut the cake. He's a radio reporter. If you want to listen to him, click here to hear a clip. It features my brother's interviews from NASA, Houston, where he went to find out more about food in space and space toilets. Björn's lovely girlfriend, Frida the judge, couldn't make it to our house. She was in Russia on a research trip.

It was a good b-day. Just like last year's.
When is your birthday?



Eebs said...

Aw, that means it's been a year since I started reading this blog! And a year since I first commented!

Happy anniversary, E. :)

daddylikeyblog said...

Your daughter is gorgeous. Tell her happy birthday from America!

eurobrat said...

April 2 1987.

Happy Birthday Vanja!!!

a. said...

happy birthday vanja! she's too precious for words. looks like you all had a fantastic day and the cakes look too delicious to eat!

Nora said...

Feliz cumpleaños from Spain Vanja!

Lola is Beauty said...

Happy birthday Vanja - such a sweetie!

ET said...
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ET said...

Happy Birthday Vanja!!
(I am having troubles this morning)

Lukku Cairi said...

Sending birthday greetings from Salt Lake City to Vanja! A cuter 5-year-old I have not seen.

Honeybee said...

Gorgeous birthday girl and gorgeous cakes. Wish I had been there... Happy belated birthday, Vanja!

denise said...

Feliz aniversario from Brasil Vanja!!u look prettier each day more ...



Francis S. said...

Ja, må hon leva uti hundrade år!

(Five looks like such a good year...)

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