Thursday, November 09, 2006

Perhaps this is the solution

Dear Marc, know how I always complain about the pain of high heels? How I'm like the little mermaid after she turned in comfort for the benefit of walking the earth with feet instead of fishtail (mermaid tail?)?

Well, now that I've seen Britney post-divorce news, I've seen the light. Perhaps all I need is a small mediterranean guy helping me keep my balance. How small can he possibly be? Isn't Britney practically pony height? And he's shorter. I love short people. Their brains are the same size, but the rest is kept to a minimum. Come help me keep my balance, bite size.

thank you!

ps. Perhaps everything is not small. I don't want to step on anyones toes or privates here. Let's leave that to imagination, shall we. Thank you!


ET said...

Ha - I just put on the pair of the Highest Heels that I have to get used to wearing them for a wedding I have in a month. I have to practice, cause I don't have a man to hold me up... well I do but he will be busy for the night!

PS what happened to the other blog wiht the ladies that looked like the paintings?

Nora said...

What's the deal with that pompom hat Britney's been wearing continuously for the past week?
Maybe that's the secret - it's a magic cap that keeps her walking straight in those heels. Like the ruby slippers in 'Wicked'.

Jessica said...

Sometimes I just want to slap Britney, will she never learn. I guess money just doesn't buy taste or class. Why can't she just dress for her body type. Oh well...if there wasn't her then who else would we mock.

I guess it is like P.Diddy and Farnsworth...Didn't you know celebrities are super people can't be bothered with umbrellas or walking?

cecilia said...

hjälp! just det, var blev senaste inlägget av? jag skulle bara komma förbi och säga att det var det mest lysande i bloggväg jag har sett.

-e said...

I'll put it back up. I just didn't feel I found a pic that made the lady to the left justice.

Daria said...

Great Blog!

~C said...

Somebody PLEASE get her a stylist!!!