Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I turn to disco

Dear Marc, things are happening here, and I might have big news for you very soon.
As always, I turn to disco (in this case Kelly Marie) when trying to describe my emotional status:

My head is in a spin
My feet don't touch the ground
Because you're near to me
My head goes round and round
My knees are shakin' baby
My heart beats like a drum

I can't tell you more right now. Will get back to you with updates.
Meanwhile, a blizzard brought us back to a time before automobiles.
November 1st rolled around, and like an intern taking her new job way too seriously, the first of the winter months brought so much snow that buses and trains and cars were brought to a halt. A had to walk for an hour through the storm to get back to our house.

It made me feel like I was living out a fantasy from the Little House on the Prairie. And you know I like that.

How's life in the world of fashion? Snowy on the outside, special on the inside?
Yours etc,


ET said...

Wow - from Autumn Joy to Winter Wonderland in 2 days. That is extreme!
How do you manage your wardrobe?

-e said...

today it was easy, I didn't go outside. Just kidding. clothes aren't that hard, but boots always are. and it's a bicth finding gloves for everyone when you haven't used them for a year. the kids cried on the walk home. I carried one of them which made me warm.