Thursday, November 23, 2006

Things my mama taught me, part 1

Dear Marc, it's late in the evening. I'm sitting here, typing invoices while thinking about marriage. Not even my own, non-existant marriage, but my parents.

The other day mom told me "I was only 25 and to promise someone my love for eternity, it just seemed like forever. I told your dad he could have me for ten years, then we'd see. More importantly, I had him promise me he would never utter the words "I told you so" in our shared household".

"That's your most important principle regarding your 35-year old marriage?"

"Yes. What are you doing?".

"I'm taking notes."

What's your best relationship tip?



Anonymous said...

Others will laugh and deride me, but my secret is marrying for love and attraction and practicing marriage as a sacrament. My second time around it has made all the difference in the world.

Sara said...

My best tip for relationships, is not having any... But if you have to, I'd say it's a good thing that the two persons in the relationship define it, instead of just assuming it will be a relationship like all the other they had or one based on conventions. A bit like your mum did.

Nora said...

Separate blankets in bed - fighting for the blanket at night takes a lot of needless energy... :)

jenny said...

oh my god, DEFINITELY separate blankets in the bed. that and a shared sense of humor.

denise said...

lots os conversation, laughing at each other, friends and lovers... admire each other more than the rest of the world...i have 09 years now of marriage and its getting better...

love from brasil