Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The t-shirt bra - and its appalling lack of allure

Dear Marc, I have a co-worker I love. Right now I love her more than ever, cause she told me she refuses to wear t-shirt bras. She thought they're made out of old t-shirts. "They're disgusting!".

What's the best misconception you've caught on tape today?


varanen said...

I saw Marc on Oprah earlier this week (we're both at home for daytime TV as daughter numero dos arrived last week). So , in-between diapers, gooh-goohs and gah-gaahs we saw the thought receiver of all your great letters select one of the audience members he thought was the best dressed....a septuagenarian with a pink hat and a smile...lööövely!

Marc looked a wee bit like Jarvis with (my favourite, always!!!) Stan Smiths on...

theresaO said...

The other day my boyfriend caught me at something like this. We have recently moved and for now we are stealing our wireless internet connection. It is lovely, the new place not the theft. Anyway, I had sussed out the one without a password that we could access and The Beuf was asking which connection to hook up to.

"the Linkski's"
"The Linkski's"
"The Linkski's"

" mean link system"

I am not so good with computers. I had mistaken the abbreviation of that computer jargon for a sweet rowdy family with blond children and a dog somewhere close by. In my defense, I like my construction of the world better and the neighborhood is mostly polish.