Friday, November 03, 2006

About to go to bed, dreaming of clothes

Dear Marc, this look is wonderful. I'd love to see it on ten different women to see who can do it justice. It's hard even for the model to look smashing and serious here, there's something so cheerful and jokey about the pants. Thanks for showing us that fashion can also be about having fun, looking ridiculous and still having room for a puppy or two in your leg area.

I want those pants like I want longer legs and world peace.

I also crave the following look, which might work easier in my professional life.
I now feel I need those clothes. I'm pasting my head on that little model body and maybe I could get away with it. It's either that or I'll have to print out that exact doe eyed model face and make a mask for myself.

Or better yet, make a printout of the model in the clothes and glue that picture to my entire body. Who cares, I'm freelancing from home. In a web cam meeting, I'll look convincing enough.



a. said...

love those clothes. love. the pants are awesome but they'd dwarf me. i wish i were tall enough to pull them off. heck, i like your cutting and pasting idea. that could work. no one needs to know. ;-)

Anonymous said...

hello. just a strangers, also obsessed with marc who occassionally reads your (great!) blog.

i love this look too! how fabulous is the blouse he paired the jeans with??? while i think i may have the legs to pull this off (with heels of course) i don't know that i have the tiny tiny waist that makes this look so good.

ET said...

I was so in love with those jeans, when I saw the pictures of Jessica Stam striding down the catwalk. I almost purchased some on ebay!

Thank-you for posting that picutre 'cause I now realise i would NEVER have pulled them off!

Anonymous said...

Cool. I saw a Missoni dress with a great pattern that does not make you head spin on sale and almost bought it. Thank goodness I didn't because the next day, I got my tax invoice in the mail. There go my savings.