Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thank you Jordan!

Dear Marc, can you sing? I can't. It's ok, I can do other things. Knit. Make scones. But sing I can not, although it's topping my list of talents I wish I had. I wish I had Sade's voice. Or Lauryn Hill's. Or Ginger Roger's or Cesaria Evora's. But I'm stuck with a squeaky voice, barely tolerable to the human ear.

That's why Jordan's new duet with hubby Peter Andree makes me all fuzzy and warm on the inside. She sounds like me! And she shares her serenading with the whole world! I haven't heard anything as inspiring since Cameron Diaz liberating karaokeing in rom-com classic "My best friend's wedding".

Perhaps this is the dawn of a new era. Move over Celine, Christina, ladies with voices. We, the non-singers are coming, sharing our weakest, taking over your hearts. Or perhaps just your ears.

Thank you Jordan, for showing that the weakest side can be the most endearing.


ET said...

Ha - I think I have a squeeky voice too. Yesterday I sang along with the radio and my cat looked concerned.

As an Australian I would like to apologise for Peter Andre. If his first single had not been so big we may have been spared this...

Lay said...

Hehehe... That was actually quite bad. You would think they could have weaved a bit of production magic over it, but this sounded like taken straight from the karaoke bar last Friday. And are we sure that Jordan really is the spokeswoman us unprofessionals are looking for?

~C said...

Well, if you cant sing I guess it gives you a good excuse to distract others with your panties!

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