Monday, October 09, 2006

Just another day at the office

Dear Marc, today was like any other day at the office. Kate was told secrets by a strange friend.
And then, I too, took a walk with half a naked mannequin. Kate and I then proceeded to buy $2000 worth of merchandise for work, mostly lingerie.

I had lunch. Wrote a few e-mails.

Wrote a few lines about Christmas time. You know all about thinking ahead, don't you? What collection are you working on? Fall 2007? Spring 2008? What's that like, living life in the future?

I live most of my life in the past.

Post-lunch, I googled the Malm whale, the world's only stuffed blue whale.
It stranded an unfortunate afternoon back in 1865. You had that civil war thing going on, we had eternal cold and famine. A stuffed whale was big news. Especially since the whale was eventually touched by the gifted hands of interior decorators, spiffing up the whale interior with wall papper and a little cafe.

Little did the stuffers know that a long dead whale cafe can be a turn on to some people. The cafe was shut down after an amorous couple got caught going at it inside the whale.

You think I'm making this up?

I couldn't.

I pondered my happy fate, so glad I'm not a stuffed dead animal/cafe/love nest.

Then I wrote a verse for a friend I've never met. She needs a poem about dinousaurs.

Then this.

What did you do today?

love from a friend far away.

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cecilia said...

hah! Café Jonah.