Thursday, October 26, 2006

The devil wears yada yada

Dear Marc, so I went to see "The Devil wears Prada" the other day. I went to one of those old movie theatres. It opened to the public back in 1923. There I was, relaxing in the dark, wishing they'd only serve beer too, like they do in Amsterdam. I was having a "life is 99% perfect" moment. This was before the movie started, though, cause the movie itself cut life perfectancy down to 65%.

Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci and Anne Hathaway's hair were all great. As was Adrian Grenier, it seems the man can't help it. But it's hard to watch an entire movie when you can't feel a thing for the heroine.

Andy was so annoyingly perky and such a good girl, so lacking in personality, charm and wits that her antagonist, the supposedely horrible enemy-Emily had me wishing the film was about her instead. How Adrian ever fell for Andy seemed inexplicable, but there were a few hints letting us know that he couldn't help himself when faced with great lingerie. She had him on a lacy leash adorned with C-cups.

I didn't even feel Meryl was mean. I thought she made sense. Andy? I wanted to fire her, break up with her and disown her.

At least some of the clothes were great. And there was talk of you and your bags.
When did you last go to the movies?

Come over, let's watch any of Edith Head's creations.