Monday, October 30, 2006

Autumn Joy

Dear Marc, it's fall, my favourite time of year. It's a bookish season, never too hot ot humid, a season always up for a brisk walk before tea by the fire. It's like nature whispering "I'm a Cambridge man, but I'm not just educated, I'm also entertaining, let me show you how I can set myself on fire". The temperature encourages layering and materials such a wool, cashmere and leather. God I love fall and went for walks all weekend.

Saturday I spotted two specimens of that rare breed, Homo Urbanus, in the wild! I believe they had escaped their natural habitat, the ad agency, to look for food before taking off to warmer lands for winter. Leaving the urban men behind, I kept walking.

I then stumbled over some Picassos, enjoying themselves in the grass and the sun.
By now, my legs were getting tired and I had to eat something. I went for cinnamon buns and coffee.

As you can tell by this picture, service was speedy!
Fall, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
With a new fall coat, new cardigan and deep blue jeans, I feel almost all set. Now if I could only find stylish orthopedic boots, I would be delirious with happiness.
Let me know if you know where I could find some.



Francis S. said...

That little café at the side of Moderna Museet, by the Picassos and where the old restaurant used to be, is pretty fab.

Nora said...

I'm jealous - today we have about 25 degrees here in Barcelona (unusal for this time of year). It doesn't feel like fall at all. And I've got all these lovely new sweaters but no chance to wear them yet... :(
I shall plan a weekend vacation in Sweden to eat cinammon buns and wear sweaters.

The Clamor said...

i've searched and found the perfect winter boot: it's stylish and warm and waterproof. la canadienne's "vanity" boot. check them out on their website or at

Lay said...

Haha, beautifully written. Isn't after all an entertaining Cambridge man all you can ask for?

Anonymous said...

Oooh, cinnamon buns - so good. I just came back from Finland where I ate ridiculous amounts of all kinds of buns (my favourites are called butter-eye). Buns are not so readily available here but I outsmart the bakers by making my own. Pretty clever, huh?

daddylikeyblog said...

You should change the name of your blog to Cinnamon Buns. I have never been made so ravenously hungry by food photos than by your damn cinnamon bun pictures.

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