Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oooh what a little make-up can doooo!

Dear Marc, do you ever wonder if you've reached your best self? Do you look your best, or is there something you could change and suddenly, there would be a new and improved you, a Marc that would make the world stop and stare in awe? I nurse a Cinderella dream like anyone else. But rarely do we see such great results as in the case of Heather Sweet.

She was always pretty. She was a Heather. But with the help of great underwear, good shaving tools, classy make-up and dark hair dye, she became Dita.

Who wouldn't want be carried by dead lions to the next business meeting? Put a spin on things. Spice it up a little. Others might look ridiculous in that getup and lion. Put Oprah on there, it wouldn't fly. Or would it?She kind of gets away with anything. Put me up there, I'd look like a woman pretending to be a kid pretending to be a woman. But Dita looks positively regal.

Dita and you make me wonder what your knowledge and experience could do for my looks. Could we do a make-over on me? A modern Cinderella tale with the two of you as my fairy God mothers?

Lately, however, I've come to doubt that I'm Cinderella material. Your shoes don't fit my feet. I might be one of the unfortunate sisters. Say it ain't so. Say it ain't so!

-e, I mean, Drizella.


Anonymous said...

Hey, the make-up is just that. I believe the smile and eyes say it all. A heart is shown in a sincere smile. U can write to sailorgrins with a Y-hoo acct

eurobrat said...

I'm a big Dita fan but had not seen pictures from her blonde stage. Heather Sweet is the ultimate pre-Dita name too.

She and MJ would be extraordinary makeover godmothers...

xx A

p.s. Thanks for linking to La Femme.

javieth said...

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