Tuesday, August 15, 2006

That perfect date

Dear Marc, I don't know how much you eavesdrop. For me, it's almost like a profession. I do it all the time, everywhere.

Once, in the video store, I fell witness to a guy setting up that perfect date. He made sure the guys behind the counter were involved.

"It's a very important night. Everything has to be just so. In fact, I would like you to come with me to the apartment to set up the moviebox".

"Surely that won't be necessary. It's so easy. Just plug it in and press play."

"But you don't understand. This is a BIG night. I've bought wine and chips and candles and...please come make sure everything works!"

"Well, we're kind of understaffed and.."

"Please. It would mean the world to me."

"Ok. We'll be there."

"Thankyou! She'll be charmed. everything will be so perfect now. She'll love it. She'll love the snacks, the wine, the candles, the movie and me!"

"Sure. By the way, what movie are you guys planning to see?"

"Passion of the Christ".

This is where the real world failed. Instead of suggesting "When Harry met Sally" or even "The Break-Up", the video guys didn't even raise an eyebrow. Why? How could they help to spoil a date more? Is this normal? Is Passion of the Christ a date movie? How about Shoa? Nice and cuddly!

The passion of the Mel made me remember this whole story. What women want. Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson. That must be other women.

I didn't trust the people in the video store before, and now I never will. They could have averted a catastrophe, instead they helped set up the movie box. From now on, I will only trust rotten tomatoes.

Want a great tip for a date movie?
Watch Fletch, again.
If your date doesn't laugh, ditch him.



Lars said...

Lovely e. Loved this one. I just printed out your text so I can give it to an unfortunate friend who isn't online. I hope he will appreciate it and I expect him to since he is a devoted Jacobs fan. We'll meet today at Saturnus in Stockholm. It's not a romantic date but it will be perfect all the same.


Eebs said...

Have I already mentioned this site to you? Maybe you already read it... I sure hope so. It's right up your alley:


(Also overheardintheoffice.com and overheardatthebeach.com!)

-e said...

I did read it. It's in my sidebar cause I love it so much. Your intuition is unfailing.


Eebs said...

Well now I feel I owe you a cool link that you haven't seen. Have you stumbled on this one yet?