Thursday, August 03, 2006

You spin me round round baby, round round, like a record baby

Dear Marc, there's a big bag in my study. I'm afraid to open it. My brother just moved and he said "I've got your old record collection in a bag here, do you want it or should I just dump it?". I had to take it. So many hours of my life, studying the sleeves, reading the lyrics.

I still haven't looked at it. I opened it just a little. The 45:ers were on top. I glimpsed "sonic boom boy", and a Dead or alive album. Then I had to zip the bag up again. I couldn't take the suspense.
What if there's no magic left?

Did we ever dance to the same music? What albums did you save from your past?
Which do you still love?
Tell me yours first, then I'll tell you mine.



susanna said...

Talk about a head-spinning flashback! I can still remember the video to that song. Here's what's in my bag o' musical memories: Depeche Mode (Blasphemous Rumours and Somebody were my moody teenage faves), The Cure (reminders of when I left home for the first time), New Order (reminders of my crazy crush on a guy name Troy and many night dancing in Toronto), The Eurythmics (I played Julia from the 1984 film soundtrack over and over again), Souxie and the Banshees (Sigh...memories of visiting NYC for the first time and never wanting to leave) and The Sugarcubes (memories of certain old friendships). What's in your bag, E.?

MondayMonkey said...

Don't ever stop writing, e. Never, ever, ever.

Victoria said...

Ok, but it's Right Round, not Round Round baby. :O) Since I am waaaay older than you my first loves were The Monkeys and the Doors. I still listen to The Doors. The Monkeys? No way.

hoovcat said...

BTO was my first favorite, but as I moved past ten years old, it was Devo, The Police, Talking Heads, AC/DC, The Cars, and oh yeah, back in the 70's, Fleetwood Mac, Steve Miller, Boston, Clapton, and big time ELO.

Plus every teen in the 70's had a copy of Frampton Comes Alive and Cheap Trick Live at the Budokan ("I want YOU, to want ME!") in the 70's.

(OK, OK, so I liked Chic, The Gap Band, Dazz Band and Donna Summer, too, but I was never big into the Bee Gees. Yes, I had a cassette of Funkytown, by Lipps, Inc. So sue me.)

I didn't discover the great classic rockers until I was in college in 19** :)

e, you are the coolest mom in the world, and I felt a little anger at the people not inviting you to their social gatherings, and I can only soften my anger by focusing on the fact these get-togethers are surely much less interesting without you (and your little cherubs) there.

Tonårspuckot said...

Åh, din blogg gör en alltid så glad. Blev faktiskt till och med sugen påa tt gå ut och plocka blåbär (här är inga småbarn som kan välta pajen).

- CFH said...

Dear Lord, Take me to the Doctor/My heart goes bang bang bang bang was an essential part of my earlier days...

-e said...

He doesn't look the same anymore. I mean, who does? But he looks really different!